Mexico improves its logistics performance

Mexico has improved its logistics performance in the last year advancing three positions in the Logistics Performance Index 2014 prepared by the World Bank. Mexico is one of the countries with lower logistical development of TPP. The World Bank report has analyzed logistics performance in different countries.

Over a thousand professionals in the international logistics sector have participated in the 2014 edition of responding to questionnaires proposed by the World Bank. The country with the largest logistics development is Germany, with a score of 4.12. The country with the lowest logistics development is Somalia, with a score of 1.77. Experts stress the close relationship between the economy of the countries and their degree of logistics development. Mexico has advanced three places with respect to the position it occupied in the 2013 edition of the score of the logistics performance of Mexico in 2014 was 3.13. The country ranked 50 of 160 countries that participated in the study, but is the last of the signatories of the Trans Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP). Mexico is implementing various measures to streamline and improve their logistics performance.

Indeed, the OECD and the Mexican government are collaborating to agree on actions to improve the logistics development of American country.

Source: MéxicoXport