Mexican tequila producers pin their hopes of 2016 in Russia and China

This 2015, the tequila exports reached a record of 180 million liters sold in more than 120 countries. China and Russia are the most important exports destinations of tequila, as a growing sector in international markets by 2016, as stated by the president of the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT), Miguel Angel Dominguez. In the case of China, he said that after the elimination of non-tariff barriers by the Chinese government in 2013, the industry set a goal to turn China, from 2018, the second most important destination for exports of the traditional drink, only after the United States.

“Now at last, after eight or nine years of travel, of insistence and having opened an office in Shanghai, and now that the product is widely accepted, tequila made 100% of agave enters in that market and it authorized by China”, he said. However, the president of CRT admitted that the goal has been to differ due to the new barrier imposed by the Chinese government, now the color caramel that some tequila houses use, which nevertheless be permitted by the Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM) not so with the Asian regulations. They recognize DOT. Dominguez Morales anticipated that next year both countries recognize the Designation of Origin Tequila (DOT). He mentioned among them Brazil, after years of resistance finally in mid-2015 reached an agreement with Mexico to mutually recognize the geographical indication of tequila and rum, while another country would not reveal his name until such time as not negotiations have been finalized. “The award is ‘a breakthrough in the way for the great South American market’ that now fully accepts the Designation of Origin Tequila”, he said.

With the diversification and winning new markets, Dominguez Morales projected 2016 growth of the tequila industry between 3 and 4%, considering, he said that the participation of tequila in the global spirits market is still very low. “Tequila is less than 2% of all alcohol consumed in the world … We can grow to 3 or 4% almost doubling production”.

Source: MéxicoXport