Imports of Spanish wine grow in Mexico, Brazil, Holland and Belgium until September

Between January and September 2015, these four countries increased volume of imported Spanish wine, gaining market share in all of them, although Belgium slightly reduced its investment. Mexico increased its imports of wine by 12.6% in volume between January and September but spent only 0.3% more. Spain moves away from Chile as first provider to export 26.3% more liters, while the average price fell 19%. The Spanish wine accounted for 32.5% of the volume and nearly 30% of total Mexican output.

Our country still has little weight in Brazil (sixth supplier) despite being the only country that exported most analyzed among the top six liters, covering almost 100% of Brazilian purchases. Brazilian wine imports fell 2.3% in volume but grew by 20.8% in value between January and September. Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Italy, France and Spain concentrated around 96% of total purchases, with the Spanish came as only grew in volume, and with better figures than the average market value. For its part, the Netherlands and Belgium reduced its imports rather globally, especially by the sharp fall of France. All wines fell in value, and only bulk and bag in box grew in volume. Sharp decline in packaged and sparkling wines. France scored by far the overall decline but remains as the first provider very prominently.

Spain is the second vendor, maintaining stable volume and losing value. Spain is the second largest supplier of wine in Belgium, and the fourth in Holland. This country reduced its imports of wine 7% in volume and 5.6% in value between January and September, up to 256.9 million liters and 634.5 million euros. Sparkling wine decline, led by France and Italy, despite the excellent development of Spain, which is already leading supplier in volume.

Source: MéxicoXport