After fifteen years, Canada reopens its market to Argentinean meat

Exports to that destination had been suspended since 2001 by an outbreak of disease. In August, the WTO had already ruled in favor of Argentina. After fifteen years from this month Canada reopened its market for fresh and frozen boneless bovine meat from Argentina, the Foreign Ministry confirmed today. The Canadian market “is operational from December 17 this year, as well as recognition of the sanitary conditions of our production”, said the statement.

The reopening was announced in September by former Agriculture Minister Carlos Casamiquela, a month after they were made official WTO unjustified restrictions imposed by the US, Canada and Mexico to Argentina by an outbreak of disease emerged in 2001. Formalized weeks before the ruling, the United States announced the lifting of barriers and the start of the reopening of the market, without recourse to the court of appeal had yet. “After intense negotiations undertaken by the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Agriculture and SENASA, Argentina is able to resume beef exports to that country, suspended since 2001”, the statement said. “Our sales will rely on the quota granted within the WTO authorized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) with which Canada has not signed FTAs countries. Completed the 11,809 tons quota to 0% tariff, It may enter meat paying 26.5%”, he added. The expanded 53 ACE seeks to exploit the “great growth potential” in two countries whose trade does not exceed

2% of their trade abroad in 2012-2014. From January to November this year, Mexico was the eighth destination for Brazilian exports and the ninth of origin of imports in a current of 7.440 million. Last year bilateral trade reached 9.030 billion.

Source: MéxicoXport