Food exports in 2015 exceeded oil, tourism and remittances: Calzada

The head of the Ministry of Agriculture, José Calzada said that 2015 was a positive year for the Mexican countryside for the first time in history; food exports exceeded those of oil, tourism and remittances. The refore, he said that this year the sector has 85 billion pesos to continue propping up the Mexican countryside in all institutions and said that in the case of Veracruz, will be one of the beneficiaries, especially in livestock matters, investing over four billion pesos in this entity. As part of the activities of the National Peasant Confederation (CNC) to be held in Veracruz to mark the 101 anniversary of the enactment of the Land Law, the official participated at more than five thousand women delegates throughout the Republic who demanded that the land is also owned by them, because they are the ones that work. Women headed by the PRI senator Mely Romero, pledged to rise up to 30 percent of food production in the country if their rights are recognized and FAO recommendations made to Mexico in their favor.

Secretary of Women’s Action of the National Peasant Confederation, referred to the marginalization suffered by this sector, “we only have 15 percent of the ownership of the land, only 10 per cent of women working in agriculture have access to credit, that’s 5 percent has technical assistance and, last but not least, virtually zero percent receive no remuneration for their work”. On the other hand the leader of the CNC, Manuel Cota Jiménez, proposed that on January 5th of each year and as of today the Day of Rural Women is commemorated in Mexico, a proposal was immediately supported by the governor Javier Duarte, who he asked in his speech that the Mexican countryside is not seen as a problem for the country because it is actually the solution; while Calzada Rovirosa reiterated the support of President Enrique Peña Nieto on behalf of women who work the land. Mely Romero, a senator from the state of Colima, then recalled that the President promised to promote public policies and different programs that specifically benefit rural women. “All that the President will push us will benefit”, he said, before thanking the support of the holder of SAGARPA who also said, “has shown his faith in women, because for the first time, our demands are heard; I know we will go very well and expect to continue transforming the Mexican countryside supported by the CNC women”. Romero Celis said that currently it is women who work the land and, therefore, should be the beneficiaries of land rights.

“The same FAO said what he highlighted that women ensure food security and sovereignty.” If we had access to the benefits of the programs he assured the field would produce 30 percent more food than other domestic producers”.

Source: MéxicoXport