Mexico, Canada’s fourth largest trading partner

Mexico achieves a surplus of 1.571 million USD in November 2015 in its trade with Canada, and was placed in fourth place among the top 10 countries that trade with the American nation. Statistics Canada explained Wednesday that Mexican exports to Canada grew 10.8 percent in November compared to January 2015, going from 1,789,000 dollars to 1,984,000 dollars. The office reported that Canadian exports to Mexico in November grew 15.6% to reach 413 million $ 346.000, compared to 459.000 US dollars 357 million in January 2015. However, the trade balance between both countries remains favorable to Mexico to record a surplus of 1.571 million dollars during the penultimate month of 2015. For most of the last year, Mexico had a trade surplus with Canada than in average reached 1,500 million dollars every month, Statistics Canada said. Mexico was placed in fourth place among the top 10 countries that trade with Canada, after the United States, China and the UK, reported the official body.

He said Mexico’s main exports to Canada in November were for machinery and mechanical appliances, sound recorders and reproducers, electrical equipment and accessories stereo, totaling 786 million 116.000 USD. Mexico also exported to Canada in that month related equipment aircraft, vessels and transport vehicles, which reached 611 million US dollars 301,000. Plant products exported in November totaled $ 187.000 106 million, mostly plants, trees, bulbs, roots, flowers, edible oils, fruit and citrus, coffee, spices, cereals, medicinal plants and oil fruits. Last November fourth in Mexican goods exported to Canada occupied it related photographic equipment, measuring and medical and surgical instruments products 735.000 US dollars 66 million. While the majority of Canadian products exported to Mexico during November were related to aircraft, ships and vehicles transporting some 88 million team for $ 545.000. Canada also exported to Mexico machinery and mechanical appliances, electrical

equipment and accessories stereo, which reached a total of 69 million $ 79.000. In third place, stressed plant products with 65 million 830.000 USD.

Source: MéxicoXport