Baja California stands out more than 40 billion dollars in exports

Baja California said during 2015, the outlook for exports more than 40 billion dollars for this concept, the second highest figure in the country which accounts for 10.6 percent of total national exports. The head of the Ministry of Economic Development of the State (Sedeco), Carlo Bonfante Olache said that according to the Atlas of Economic Complexity (ACE), this entity is positioned strategically to the country due to its geographical location. This situation has been exploited “to build structural strengths that allow better use of opportunities, what the international business environment and human capital development that has driven international trade adds”.

The state official said that the country exported three thousand 143 US dollars for every Mexican, while in Baja California the average is 11 thousand 600 US dollars, that is 3.7 times the national average. “The Atlas of Economic Complexity considers a universe of 239 thousand products that a state could export, and 836 Baja California exports of these products are recorded; not only the volume of exports is high but also diverse”, he said. He noted that among the products that are more involved are televisions, medical instruments, motor vehicles, electrical transformers, integrated circuits and parts for motor vehicles. The outlook for the export activity remains positive to remain

stable growth of the economy of the United States and California, it opened new opportunities in other markets, said the head of Sedeco.
Source: MéxicoXport