Ports have 8.6% TEU rising in October

During the first ten months of 2015, the Mexican ports increased 8.6% its stake in handling 20-foot containers (TEU), according to the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT). Thus, four million 572 thousand 202 units were registered, against four million 211 thousand 419 in the same period last year. In that sense, the enclosures Pacific recorded three million 166 thousand 256 TEUs, up 7.9% from January-October 2014, when two million 935 000 367 is reached, according to the monthly statistical report of cargo and passenger ships dependence. This document shows that Manzanillo continues to lead in this coast and the National Port System with two million 097 000 149 TEUs, 6.9% more than in the same cycle last year, in which displaced one million 961 thousand 693.

Lazaro Cardenas retains second place with growth of 6.2% in handling 874,000 TEU 773 against 823 000 406 period year over year. Moreover, the ports of the Gulf of Mexico activity increased 10.2% to close the cycle from January to October with 946 million 405 thousand TEUs, compared with 276 000 052 million in the same period of 2014, according to the report prepared by the General Coordination of Ports and Merchant Marine of the SCT. Thus the dependence confirms Veracruz as the leader on the coast with 783 000 343 TEUs, 10.3% more than in cycle from January to October 2014, when it totaled 709 000 961, followed by Altamira, which featured 546 000 999 cases against 503 632 thousand in the same period year over year.

After these four campuses, with more ports are Ensenada TEU movements and Progress, which increases hold 39.2 and 3.8%, with 158 000 56 000 924 and 683, respectively.

Source: T21