Globalization has favored Mexico: Ornelas

Despite the serious and old problem of corruption in Mexico, the process of globalization has favored the country. It is what has brought forward, said Sergio Ornelas, editor of MexicoNOW , during the conference “The five Mexicos in Globalization” at the 42nd National Index Convention. For 15 years have come to Mexico investments, they have been established here; and have provided services to US markets.

This is regionalization, where they have managed to attract companies, partly because the market already requested custom-made products and not in volume. During his talk he spoke about the current situation of the country, different Mexico, including poverty, is of political and producers. “Some categorize it as a rising star, others as the country of tomorrow. Mexico is very good in macroeconomics, but fails in microeconomics”. The middle class in Mexico is only 25 million people, whose monthly income totaling more than $ 250.The rest of the population is poor, since that which can somehow survive until that lacks everything. Many of these Mexican households, said, thanks to the remittances sent by 34 million people with Mexican history in the United States can move forward, which at year totals 30 billion dollars, “without which this country would be a tragedy” on the brink.

In the Mexico of politicians, he added, there are several problems, as for example the index of the International Monetary Fund indicates that Mexico is in 61st place overall competitiveness of a total of 144 countries, yet is at 114 of confidence in the political class, at 114 misuse of public funds in government regulations 118 and 99 of “bribes”. Another Mexico is the producer, “who are you”, he told those attending the Convention and who are divided into small, medium and large, but the first with an almost negative productivity, but are generating the 42% of employment in the country. The medium has one percent of productivity and large enterprises, have a six percent gain in the subject, so the decline is going down globally, but the country goes ahead just for a favor is favorable regionalization.

Source: MéxicoXport