Interconnectivity would be key factor for global logistics platform in Mexico

Federal government aims to develop according to parameters of competitiveness and efficiency. “Large infrastructure without orientation towards interconnectivity and intermodal not help convert Mexico into a global logistics platform of high added value, so that the land communications, air, sea and rail should be seen as a holistic chain” said Guillermo Ruiz de Teresa, General Coordinator of Ports and Merchant Marine of that country. On behalf of the Secretary of Communications and Transport, Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, in the Fifth Forum “Mexico Logistics Platform of America,” the official explained that this is the view of the Federal Government since the beginning of this administration and that its application is developed According to parameters of competitiveness and efficiency.

The opportunity currently added to make Mexico a global logistics platform is unique, and mentioned that the SCT is seeing logistics as the “great opportunity to be more efficient and to reduce the prices of goods for all consumers.” Accompanied by Adrian del Mazo Maza, CEO of Federal Road, Ruiz de Teresa said the SCT built 52 new highways throughout the current administration, 80 roads and more than 41,000 kilometers of rural roads, which are designed on the premise to shorten time and reduce costs for all sectors involved in the logistics chain. Coordinator of Ports and Merchant Marine stressed the need to build a logistics network with high efficiency in their interconnectivity and intermodal, because, he said, if “we have a road with a stop, a slump, with illegally parked vehicles, lost time opportunity and supply chain does not work “. According to a statement at the meeting, organized by the Transport Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and the Mexican Council of Transport (CMET), they were also present the presidents of the National Association of Manufacturers of Buses, Trucks and Tractors (ANPACT), Miguel Elizalde; National Trucking Chamber (CANACAR), Rogelio Montemayor; and the Mexican Chamber of Maritime Transport Industry (CAMEIMTRAM); Juan Pablo Vega Arriaga.

As the leaders of the Mexican Association and Packing (AMMPAC), Adriana Valadez Zamora; Mexican Intermodal Transport Association (IMTA), Fernando Ramos Casas; and the National Automobile Chamber of Passenger and Tourism (CANAPAT), Jaime Delgado; among others.

Source: MéxicoXport