The Mexican government is preparing OMN for dairy

The Ministry of Agriculture will develop a specific official standard for these products; seeks to determine content and parameters for the benefit of farmers and consumers. The Mexican government enlists the development of an Official Mexicana Norm (OMN) specific for dairy products to determine their content and parameters, he announced the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, José Calzada. The official explained that the process of normalization of the agri-food sector advances and proof of this is the strengthening of the sector and further growth in exports. By leading the first ordinary meeting of the National Advisory Committee on Standardization Agro-food, he stressed that there is a significant dynamic to generate new

rules that would make this sector more competitive and “focus it a lively and thriving industry” in that space. For his part, Undersecretary of Food and Competitiveness of SAGARPA, Ricardo Aguilar Castillo said that the main objective of the committee is to design clear rules to trigger economic development and enhance productivity. He explained further that in 2015 were processed 42 resolutions concerning the regulations applicable to the food industry, of which 18 Mexican Official Standards that were already published in the Official Gazette (DOF) emerged. He noted that it is government’s commitment to the Republic set the tone that translates into benefits for consumers.

Source: MéxicoXport